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About Us

We are a small kennel based in Leicestershire, in the heart of the Charnwood Forest, and are fortunate to be on the doorstep of beautiful woodland, parkland, and rural country walks.  Our Golden Retrievers live in the home with our two daughters and are full and vibrant members of our family.  We have owned Golden Retrievers for more than 27 years, we are passionate about the breed, and their health and happiness is of the upmost importance to all of us.   

In 2013 we bred our first litter of puppies after a great deal of planning, research and consideration, keeping our lovely Amabea Setting Sun.  Sky began her show career at 6 months of age and made us all really proud by qualifying for Crufts twice. It is on our woodland walks however where she and the rest of our golden family find the most enjoyment, and where we as a family enjoy watching this beautiful breed play, run and explore. 

We have a very holistic approach to rearing our Goldens. All of my dogs have been fed a natural diet since 1989 and I am always striving to educate myself regarding diet&nutrition, with particular emphasis on longevity and temperament.  We are not commercial breeders, will not care for more dogs than 4 pairs of hands can cuddle at any one time, and will only breed a litter of puppies if we want to keep one for ourselves. This of course means that when we do have puppies here at Amabea, they must only be homed with permanent and extra special loving families.

If you feel that a Golden Retriever is the dog for you, please do your research first. They are a large breed, shed plenty of hair (a vacuum cleaner becomes a dominant feature in the home) and when adult, need plenty of exercise to keep them fit and happy. They have a temperament however that is second to none: kind, friendly, biddable and of course, that lovely mix of naughty and nice.



We hope you enjoy visiting our website, and please feel free to contact us with any enquiries.  

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