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Kendaamber Shining Light at Amabea


D.O.B 23/05/2010


 Although I had found some quality puppies in the past, when Bea joined our family in 2010, she fulfilled a lot of my personal expectations with regard to type and temperament. I had after all spent the best part of 20 years pouring over my Golden Retriever yearbooks. Bea burst into our house a livewire of energy and enthusiasm, incredibly pretty yet a complete Tomboy, she had everything we were looking for in a new puppy.  She was bold and adventurous, playful and kind. Gem instantly took a shine to her, Woody more reticent.  Eventually a new rhythm evolved in the pack, always accompanied by a string of ‘whoo whoos’ from our new girl.  Woody the calm gentle chief with Bea buzzing around in his shadow, waiting to be Queen. We had our first attempt in the show ring when Bea was just a few months old, my nerves a real challenge and Bea I’m sure picking up on that. I began to get a feel for the handling however, and sharpened my skills at trimming, all the while enjoying life with the trio, the walks and companionship that the dogs gave us. I was lucky too, in that my dream of one day starting my own kennel and having a litter of puppies was granted by the breeder. Now an adventure really was beginning, with Bea having a litter of puppies in 2013, all of us watching in admiration as she became the most amazing mother to nine fabulous lively puppies.  

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