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Valisa Victorian Lace


D.O.B 20/09/2007


A 9 year old crying softly into her pillow at night is quite a force to be reckoned with, so in 2007, after researching Poodles and Chihuahuas, our fourth Golden Retriever joined the family. Molly by now was into her 12th year so when Gem arrived, Woody instantly took to this pretty little pale ball of fur. He, like Martha, loved Gem from the moment he saw her.  Playful, high spirited and easy going, Gem soon became the tiny clown in the house, a role she still performs to this day. Her close bond with Martha, forged on the long trip home from London, has never wavered, and we know with absolute certainty that Gem would rush into a burning building to be with her beloved friend. She sits firmly at the bottom of the pack, our ‘foot soldier’ and protector, but is always pushy at the front when it comes to cuddles and blankie time. When we had our first litter of puppies with Bea, Gem silently tip-toed to the nest peering at the babies with amazement. I wish I had photographed that moment. She is sweet, silly, clumsy and kind, has a great repertoire of ‘goosie’ sounds, conversing mostly in throaty giggles and became a golden nannie like our Teddi-Girl with Bea’s puppies at playtime. But if we want to see Gem at her absolute best, wiggling happily with shining eyes, we present her with a dinner bowl filled to the top with all manner of delicious goodies.

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