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Amabea Bee Charmer


D.O.B 17/07/2015


This second litter from Bea and Lloydy was so lovely I struggled right up until week 9 to choose my little girl. In the end it came down to personality, which little puppy would match which family. So Miss Pink stayed here and with a heavy heart we said goodbye to the other little sweetpea girls. Our little 'pinkie' became Idgie (The Bee Charmer) from the novel 'Fried Green Tomatoes' by Fanny Flagg and at first I thought I had chosen the wrong name...Miss Pink being so quiet and ladylike in the litter. So, after a very traumatic vaccine reaction at 10 weeks old, we waited patiently for our feminine princess to recover and join our gang to teach them some manners and delicate habits. So this is my day now, Idgie being 4 months old and beginning to learn the ways of the world. I remove the remote controls from her mouth and as she runs away she grabs a shoe, as I catch up to her, she drops the shoe and holding onto the curtains she shakes and pulls and with the speed of an antelope disappears and leaps at the window sill to pull a flower from its stem and back we are in the study where we began with the remote. My home looks like we are preparing for a flood. Everything is above waist height and all that is left is the floor and furniture. We are now losing corners from the chairs and tables, and her super party piece is sitting on the sofa back or climbing up the bookcase using my beanbag to reach juicy book covers. All my beautiful coffee table books look like I bought them from a flea market. Is she question. Is she doubt about it, the best and sweetest person you could hope to meet. Read the book I named this litter after with all its sensational characters and you will discover Idgie, climbing out of windows, never wearing dresses and with bravery beyond belief scooping honey from wild bee nests. Be careful with your choice of name, puppies do grow into them, and we love them all the more for it.  

*UPDATE* Idgie is now 16 months old and since writing about her as a puppy a great deal has changed in the way she looks. She is now growing her first adult coat and is bodying up beautifully after many growth spurts that left me wondering whether she was going to be a golden retriever or a stork. One feature has stayed constant however, and that is her zest for life and unending joy for every second of the day. She is bubbly and boisterous, sweet tempered and kind, but most of all incredibly licky and ever so cuddly. Always wanting to be touched and kissed, this extraordinary girl has lit up our home with her fun and happy personality. Round and round the house I chase her to retrieve the post, toilet rolls are her most prized possession and I can almost forgive her search for the muddiest puddles when out on a walk.  Her bouncy pouncy body as she leaps, hands out often ill placed kisses, and I wear frequently with pride, large muddy paw prints on my jeans. In her quiet and delicate moments, her Noo Noo, a very large cuddly, is gently sucked whilst she snoozes...bliss. Our smashing Idgie girl. Let the good times roll and we all look forward to many more years of her sparkling loving character.

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