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Xanthos Zuzanne


D.O.B 30/06/94- 04/12/07


Trios seem to work well for me. So when Teddi was three, and with no good reason whatsoever, I decided I needed to hear the patter of tiny paws about the house again. Molly arrived with her larger than life personality in the late summer, and from the moment she arrived, became Teddi’s best bud and bossy friend. Molly seemed to slip under the radar when it came to being noticed, not least because Teddi was always at the front of the queue when it came to getting a fuss. However Molly was the most cuddly, smiley girl I have ever met, giving everyone a massive ‘staffie’ grin whether they loved dogs or not. She was the chief golden about the place but ruled in a fair and kind way, was utterly reliable and she loved me dearly; her eyes never straying far from mine. Her most favourite of pastimes, apart from dinner, dinner, and dinner, was swimming. A true water baby, her Mull holidays or local trips to the river became the light in her life. With four goldens spread about the kitchen floor as I write this, I know that if she were here today, she would be guiding this canine roost, with a calm and gentle paw.

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