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Amabea Lady Mouse


D.O.B 02/05/2015


Same as last time, and the time before...pretty pretty girls and wondering who to pick. We had already had a couple of unexpected events which meant for the first time in many years we could keep a little boy from this litter...but more of that on Hunter's page. It was therefore as simple as this. Who would I cry the most over at that awful moment of handing the puppy to it's new family, and Miss Rose Gold won by just the tiniest fraction. The darkest little girl in the litter, Rose Gold boure little resemblence to Sky, apart from her beautiful golden colour and as she grew her personality did not match her mummy's either. I just liked looking at her. Those melting little eyes and shiney toffee coloured ears. So I got on with the labour of rearing this exceptional litter of puppies and occasionally glanced at her tearing around the place and nipping and biting, ragging and wrestling. At the centre of all the kerfuffles and pupper fallouts. Scout. My original choice of name for Sky, taken from a favourite read of mine 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. That little rogue of a Tomboy with scuffed knees and knuckles ready for thumping big boys in playgrounds. Good grief I must choose pretty names for my puppy's. Idgie, her Aunty, that feminine bowling ball of a girl seems delicate now. Positively serene, and I realise I have in this wee girl Scout, probably the smartest golden I have ever owned. A little livewire of mischief and naughtiness...but I am up for the challenge, even though my sleeves and teashirts are bearing the brunt of her sharp little teeth. We are at week 11. We are already out and about giving her and Hunter some social experiences and I recognise a few little soft spots and delicacies about this treasure. My weeny mouth and trousers puppy and the perfect girl to have stayed here with us and be safe. All bluff and bluster but with that smashing soft center. Scout. Now this girl is going to take me all the way there and back, with a cherry on top for good measure...many many times over. 

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