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Amabea Setting Sun


D.O.B 16/01/2013


From our litter with Bea, we kept a little dark Golden Girl. It was never going to be easy to pick from the girls, all having their own lovely qualities, but it was Sky that just stood out from the rest. The first born puppy, I caught her in my hands as Bea, startled, turned and ran from this strange guest. Thoughtful, quiet and gentle, as she grew she had a steady gaze that matched her nonchalant walk here and there around the house. Later, once the puppies had left to go their new homes, it became increasingly evident that her silence although incredibly endearing, usually came at a price. Over her first year we chased her about the place, claiming possessions both valuable and insignificant. Her potential for the show ring blossomed over time too and as soon as she was old enough we entered her into her first puppy class where I found myself in the ring with a beautifully steady and eager partner. To date, we have had some lovely results. Sky moves like a dream, and I love her happiness and enthusiasm as she comes to life when moving in the show ring. We qualified for Crufts 2015, (fulfilling a long ambition of mine) at Southern Counties CA Show under Ruth Turner; a very exciting day for both myself and my daughter Libbi. Best of all though, we love Sky for her sensational personality and our first little home bred puppy is proving to have an amazing presence in our home. She is calm and considered, playful and sweet tempered but mostly cheeky, confident and kind. Everything we were hoping for as we move into the future with  Amabea. 

*UPDATE*  Sky is now approaching 4 years old and we are beginning to wonder where on earth those early years have gone. A lesson in enjoying the puppy years and all the hard work that goes into these beautiful friends we share our lives with. Since writing her page we of course now have Sky's little sister living with us, and although it seemed to take forever for Sky to bond with her annoying sibling, we can now confirm that they are the best of friends, spending most of their time playing tug or gentle rough and tumbles in the lounge. Being true to her beautiful nature, Sky has remained as gentle and kind as she did in her early years. She swiftly took her place at the bottom of the pack when Bea's second baby stayed, and much to Gem's delight, took the baton of foot soldier with gusto, where she is comfortably positioned as I write these words. She is a gentle and calm girl, incredibly thoughtful and so very very much my heart dog. (though I love and have loved all my goldens with equal measure) Her clever and instinctive ways, taught me finally, how to listen and answer a dogs questions...with a shout and a bounce from her on occasion if I didn't pay attention and I am ever grateful for this, we all are. Sky my Scout. Teacher, Huntress and Soul Dog.

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