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Mastamariner Druid’s Dawn


D.O.B 21/06/01 - 09/02/15


After three golden girls, and with a bit of persuasion from my daughters, we decided to add a Golden Retriever boy into our family. Woody, a chunky dark 8 week old puppy joined Teddi and Molly in the late summer of 2001. He was an instant hit with the girls. A very busy, focused little boy, he soon matured into the calm, gentle man that lives with us today. Never really a lap dog, preferring to charge around the woods, (or off-roading as we called it!) he found his real spiritual ‘home’ on the Island of Mull. Here with the light on his back, and the smell of the sea on his paws, he truly came to life. Brave, loyal, a giant personality and now 13 years old, he has given us many happy holiday memories to cherish. As we head towards his fourteenth year, we are all filled with sadness at the thought of the large space he will leave behind when he finally leaves us. For now though we enjoy watching his steady amble around the house, his quiet resignation as kittens and a young Sky scurry around him and marvel at his patience as we trip over his large and aging body. Woody Boy, our great big huggable, kind and gentle 'gentleman'.

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